About Tonga

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


In exactly 130 days from now I will be a new college graduate. A longwood Alumni. The recipient of a Bachelor of Art degree in Communication Studies and a minor certification in Professional Writing. That's what I know. What I don't know is what I'll be doing, how I'm going to do it and where in 131 days. The uncertainty is stressful when it should be exciting. The pull between what my parents would want me to do and what I actually want to do is an annoying burden hovering my choices. Soon it will be time to make a decision: Do what I want, or do what they want?

What I want: Peace Corps

I've been working toward this goal for a while now. I've filled out the application, written my essays (mostly), revised my resume, and begun to log hours tutoring ESL in a local elementary school. I want to teach English abroad, or work with community development and outreach. I want to get out of the country, get out what I know, out of my life and on to bigger and better,  more meaningful and important things.
Dad thinks this is a mistake. "You'll be two years out of college with no experience" he says. But that's ridiculous. Experience? Thats what the Peace Corps offers. What better experience can I ask for than planning and executing my own project in a place that will benefit from my service.

I'm just not ready to have a job that will make me a captive in the same style of life I've known forever, as good as it has been to me, it has been bounded by rules and conformity to a worldview based on what is "proper" and "civilized." Not to say that life as a PCV won't be bounded by rules, but it offers a whole 'nother playing feild fueled by novelty and exploration and rules are guidelines for survival, safety and common courtesy not requirements aimed at keeping you inside rigid societal standards. I want more than that. I want to understand my own insignificance in the vastness of the world, while striving to make my life as significant and meaningful as it possibly can be. That's all.

My parents are practical people, who want to see there children suceed and do something with our lives. To them that doesn't include giving up the opportunity to get a job to fly thousands of miles away and volunteer myself to causes that they know nothing about, and probably care nothing about. That's them though, and this is me. Where do I draw the line? I am grateful for all the things they have given me to get me to where I am today, so does that mean I should honor their opinions by doing what they want? Or, regardless of what they've given me, or want for me, should I claim my life and go the course I've dreamed of? It's a toughy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am starting a blog. GO ME. Now, I can really feel important as I flaunt my opinions (as if they matter) all over the cyber world. woo!