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Thursday, August 26, 2010


After 8 looooooooong (did I mention long?) months of waiting, I finally received my invitation to become a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in the Kingdom of Tonga (Pacific Islands)! This is what I find when I sign on to "MyToolkit" (an online thinggy to track PC application status):

Naturally, I had to give my blog a re-vamp, which I've been itching to do and now can because it's for REAL! This is what it looks like to get an invite to join the Peace Corps:

(Hint: I snagged this picture from the Internet, but if I were to lay out my invite it would look exactly the same, and time is precious, so...) A lot of paperwork, to say the least. But, that means a lot more updates to come, so stay tuned! =)

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  1. Congratulations Kristen! That's so amazing that you got accepted to do such a wonderful thing! Good luck and keep in touch!
    Jillian Beuschel