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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas in September

Packing for Tonga is basically equivalent to Christmas morning. Except instead of getting expensive clothes and electronics, I get a tent, tools and duct tape! A tent that I don't how to pitch and tools that I don't know how to use, thanks Santa :). Maybe I should have tried harder at Girl Scouts when I was little?

Here's is what my packing corner looks like so far:  

I am still missing a few things, but for goodness sakes, what more can there be?????? Oh i know...some suitcases to put all of this crap in (wouldn't that be the first thing you'd buy...yeah, i'm not that smart)! There is less than three weeks left, and i'm starting to feel the pressure. On the other hand, I am ready to go...



  1. KRISTEN!!! I can't wait for your adventure to start in Tonga! I hope you got good snorkeling gear, David and I invested in some really nice snorkeling gear since we're gonna be here for a long time. You are gonna have such a great experience! If you get homesick, no worries, I know how that feels. How long will you be there for?

  2. PS Brownie Scouts doesn't prepare you for this kind of thing haha